Community Initiatives

NKW Group is a proud Landowner Company working with communities to build communities.
The Company is a leading provider in short-term and long-term special projects in its host communities with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, social and economic responsibility.

For example, NKW Fresh, a subsidiary of NKW employ Field Extension Officers (FEO’s) to provide support to farmers with crop planning and growth to fulfil the supply and demand of Clients. About 700 farmers benefit from this initiative and importantly, working with independent women farmers offers them a safe, health controlled and secure environment to sell produce versus selling at the markets. A major innovation is the use of mobile technology that allows each FEO to utilise a smartphone loaded with crop management software recoding to support the farmers, enabling them to plan harvests to meet Client demands delivering services at industry standards.

In December 2019, NKW Group was recognised for its initiatives and presented the award for Landowner Company Shared Value Performance, by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum Industry at the Annual Mining and Petroleum Conference, in Port Moresby.

Examples of some of the community projects so far: